it has been more than five years since I seriously started taking pictures of the female - since then I met a lot of exciting characters, made some inspiring acquaintanceships, shot hundrets of sessions with thousands of frames...

throughout those years my approach towards photography changed tremendously.

moving back to film photography and experiencing a whole new way of working with my subject also meant that my own photography has to become a lot more honest... less staged, closer, more personal and more authentic.

with that in mind I decided to unveil some insights of my process and let you peek behind the curtain - by showing you some conctact sheets.

these show the entire roll I shot in a particular session as well as the choice I have made - I will not give you any hints why I have chosen this particular image to be published... but if you want to discuss my decision or have remarks on this process do not hesitate to drop me a line or comment on the related post on facebook.

hope you like and appreciate this way of sharing my work with you and really looking forward to all of your feedback.

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